• Sushi AOI
  • Sushi and Sashimi dinner

    Sushi and Sashimi dinner

    Fresh raw fish sushi, California roll, and assorted sashimi

    Served Daily

  • Sushi Bar

    Sushi Bar

    Fresh sushi created right before your eyes

    Made Fresh Daily

  • A Renowned Sushi Experience

    A Renowned Sushi Experience

    "Sushi AOI packs abundant style" - The Washington Post Magazine

    Great Ambience

  • Enjoy Tradition

    Enjoy Tradition

    Sushi AOI combines traditional fare with a contemporary atmosphere

    Sushi Bar

  • Top Quality Ingredients

    Top Quality Ingredients

    From our dinner boxes to our tempura, we only use the best ingredients

    Fresh Everyday

  • Making Fresh Sushi Everyday

    Making Fresh Sushi Everyday

    Years of experience help our chefs to create exquisite sushi creations

    Fresh Everyday

  • Attention to Detail

    Attention to Detail

    Warm colors, soothing lighting, and subtle music put your mind at ease

    Great Ambiance

  • More Than Aesthetics

    More Than Aesthetics

    Soft lighting and splendid food combine for a delightful dining experience

    Great Ambiance

  • Pleasant Dining

    Pleasant Dining

    Take your time or grab a bite - Sushi AOI is perfect for casual dining

    Great Ambiance

SushiAOI Japanese Restaurant

At Sushi AOI, we perfect the art of sushi creation. Our meticulous chefs expertly prepare every dish to the highest standards of quality. Enjoy nigiri sushi, a bowl of soup, or a dinner box assortment.